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Welcome to BrainFlux

Welcome to

BrainFlux is a pet project to teach physics and math the right way -- giving a visual, conceptual understanding in parallel with the formal mathematical understanding. The infrastructure to include equations and cross listings is being developed in paralel with some spiffy animations and java applets.

If you have comments of questions, e-mail me at

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Stuff I have so far....
2D Fourier Transform Java Applet where you can draw an image and see the resulting Fourier transform, or draw/erase on the Fourier transform and see how it affects the image.
1D Numerical Schrodinger Equation Solver where you can type in potentials and initial wave functions and watch them evolve.
3D movies of the Michelson Morley experiment with real math soon to come.
Complex 2D Plane Wave Animation where you can change the frequency, amplitude, and momentum vector and view the result in real time.
Plot Complex Functions in Java While still heavily under development and currently very slow, pieces of this applet will form most of the interactive little applets that appear on BrainFlux pages.
Something Completely Different... Joke about a thought experiment gone wrong.

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  • 2D Fourier Transforms