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BrainFlux Philosophy


  • Good Looking = Effective It's hard to learn from poorly drawn figures and cumbersome user interfaces. Well chosen colors and layout go a long way to making things effective. Maybe it's just that my concept of beauty includes this kind of elegance.
  • Don't keep People Guessing I hate when a lecture or book is set up as a long series of steps with some surprise at the end. Tell people up front where the discussion is going and why it's worth being motivated to read.

Pictures & Animations

  • Every Concept has a Picture Associated with it this is for easy visual recall when referring to different topics. Pictures make things easier to digest. Nobody wants to read a huge block of text and equations.
  • Every Animation has Key Frames saved as Pictures People shouldn't have to download and watch the animation for the discussion to make sense.

Java Applets

  • Easy Startup When applets load, they should already be set to a state that does something interesting, not ask the user for a thousand parameters before it starts.
  • Interesting Presets If there's an option to type in a function, provide several as interesting examples accessable by buttons.
  • Sliders, not Text Boxes The Java applets are trying to give an intuitive sense of how different variables affect things, not a pure calculational tool. Nobody wants to type in numbers, but they should always have the ability of using an exact value if they want.